Knitting update – cotton baby blanket

Levi's baby blanketAfter a fair bit of time of not knitting, I’m finally picking it up again. This is a baby blanket I started…oh, I don’t know, about a year ago. Because I’m making this for people who probably won’t handwash this, it’s cotton and not wool.

Cotton, of course, is a completely different material than wool. The original pattern called for a seed stitch border, which I swapped out for a four-stitch cable, and the cotton border didn’t want to stay flat, despite the fact that I increased the stitch count by 10% right before the first row.

Oh well. I think I give up :P

Ravelry link here:

PGP and other things

Yes, I have a 4095 bit key; no I have no clue how I managed that one. It’s a total wonder why people still think I’m competent at things.

Anyways, I now have PGP keys and use the blasted things. For a change, I’m mostly using a GUI interface, and it’s awesome. Check it out: Enigmail. It is, like, absurdly easy. Practically install-and-go.

(In absolutely unrelated, I love abusing hovertext, apparently.  Hover over things with dotted underlines for snark.)

Emacs M-x spook: Power lines Adriatic Infrastructure security Terror Abu Ghraib Plume Becker Belknap doctrine WHO U.S. Consulate Decapitated Trafficking Agent Montenegro

So unprepared

Sometimes I can be really bad at life. It’s -7 C outside and I’m wearing sneakers, a hoodie, and some sweatpants.

Taping over my sneakers to make them just a little warmer….

Tape blocks the wind a bit....

Tape blocks the wind a bit….


Took a personal day on Saturday; ran to Haymarket and back again, and now I have more fruit than I can eat for the next few days. I don’t remember Boston traffic being this bad – the car exhaust gave me a pretty bad headache by the time I got to government center – but otherwise, excellent run, excellent fruit, and I feel better/more stable/more productive than I have for a while.

Lab results

….are back

These are the pre-lithium labs, and I’m confused/not particularly happy about several of the numbers, but whatever.

First, creatinine: .89 mg/dL for a fairly small two-X chromosome person feels….slightly high… me. Not technically considered abnormal yet (the normal range is 0.50-1.10) but when you take into account that I don’t weigh very much and have not that much muscle, well….

I have to admit I’m worried. This is a number I want to watch. This is, I don’t know, not grounds to actually see what an inulin test would say, but enough for me to raise an eyebrow and check this number again.

TSH, TSH seems to be reasonable for me. (It’s actually better than I though it would be, which is reassuring). 1.48 mIU/L

I had a hunch about vitamin D, so I asked for a vitamin D test, and, well, they’re actually slightly low. Hum. I’m slightly confused by this, actually. I’m not sure why my vitamin D levels are low (sunlight? kidneys? liver?), but, *sigh*. Would like to get to the bottom of this, probably can’t, probably should just drop $20 on some D3 supplements.

……actual blogging content to come eventually, I promise.