Commenting Policy

Misplaced Microphone is a personal blog – that is, this is my space and my playground. I reserve the right to delete any comment or ban any commenter for any reason whatsoever. I will make an attempt to be fair, but this is my blog and I am allowed to be a capricious moderator.

The first post of every new commenter will be moderated; I will have to approve it before it appears. This is because I’m a busy person and don’t really have time to moderate intensely.

I will never share your email or IP address unless you threaten or harass me, in which case I will turn over your information to the local police.

That said, breaking the following rules will get your posts moderated or you banned:

  1. Nyms: Pseudonyms are allowed. You may post under one pseudonym only. Sockpuppetting is not allowed and sockpuppet accounts will be banned and their posts deleted. Assuming another commenter’s nym or the nym of a Real Person not yourself is not allowed.
  2. Trolling: If you’re being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative, or if you’re deliberately trying to pick a fight, you will be placed back into moderation or banned. I will not ban someone for simply disagreeing with me; but please, seriously, don’t troll.
  3. Follow the laws of the land: Threats, slander, incitements to violence, and copyright violations will be removed and commenters banned, with no second chances.
  4. Please make an attempt to remain on topic: This is more of a guideline than a rule. While small diversions are fine, please do not interrupt a thread to bring up unrelated issues.
  5. Please do not be repetitive: If a point has gotten brought up in a thread, please do not return to it unless you have new arguments.
  6. This blog is my soapbox, not yours: Make your own blog if you’d like to have a soapbox.
  7. This is not a 101-level blog: “Just asking questions” is not acceptable. I am not your mommy and have no obligation to debate you or teach you. Some posts will have relevant links under them. You will be expected to have a passing familiarity with that material.
    EDIT: Due to the layout change, links are now in the right sidebar. You’re still expected to be familiar with that material.
    Exceptions: Posts may be marked as 101-level threads, which are exempt from this rule.
  8. Do not proselytize: This is a blog by an atheist. While it is not a blog specifically about atheism, proselytizing is not allowed here.
  9. Do not spam: If relevant, feel free to link to somewhere else! But please, don’t do driveby posts with irrelevant links.
  10. Do not diagnose someone else over the internet. Period.

I will edit your posts for the following reasons:

  1. Confidentiality: If you post someone else’s private data, I will redact it. Do this too often, and I will ban you. Similarly, do not post material from restricted forums. Facebook privacy settings may be meaningless, but dammit we will respect them here.
  2. Slurs: Avoid splash damage. Bigotry and hate speech are not acceptable. If you exhibit a pattern of using slurs, I will ban you.
  3. Trigger Warnings: I reserve the right to insert trigger warnings before your comment.
  4. Obscuration: This is an English-language blog, mostly because English is my primary language. You may use rot13 to obscure spoilers; no other methods are allowed.
  5. Deletion: If part of your comment violates the rules specified above, I reserve the right to remove parts of a comment. I will leave a note as to why.


  1. Please attempt to make comments readable. Make a reasonable attempt to use proper grammar and spelling. While an occasional typo is okay, 1337-speak is not. Use line breaks to break up a wall of text. Use HTML formatting, especially bold and blockquotes
  2. If your comment seems to be turning into an essay, consider posting it on a blog of your own and linking back here with a summary.
  3. I follow the idea that civility means treating your fellow humans well. “All gays must die” is a far more uncivil statement than mild insults. Be civil.

I reserve the right to change this policy at any point for any reason.

Additionally, I may make specific changes to moderation policy for specific threads; these changes will be noted at the end of the posts in question.

If you disagree with any of these policies, feel free to complain at me. I’ll take your advice into consideration. Maybe.


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