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Monday Miscellaneous/It Came From the Search Terms

Computerphile is awesome. Here is how you shouldn’t store passwords. Personally, I’m less than happy with the idea that all sites should just connect to our Facebook/Google accounts, but it’s definitely better than storing passwords in plaintext.

It just feels like every store these days is leaking their credit card tokens, yes? Shaws/Star Market, Target, Albertson’s, Home Depot

Want to be part of a clinical study? Apparently this web page exists…

Defining sexuality and romanticism as an asexual is like trying to describe an invisible elephant.

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Layout change!

I moved  things around some 😀 I think I like this layout better.

The main thing that’s changed is that the footerbar moved into the sidebar, and the resource links that use to accompany some posts have also moved into the sidebar. They’re a bit less eye-catching now, sadly.


Starting from now on, posts may be appended with a string of random “spook” words generated from Emacs Spook.

This is to mostly mess with NSA scanners 😀

Emacs M-x spook: Etacs Uzbekistan enforcers electronic surveillance STARLAN Mena 22nd SAS Israel domestic disruption EuroFed rs9512c Croatian Albright USCOI underground

And…writer’s block

…..I have like fourteen things in drafts, and can’t figure how to write anything for any of them.

So instead, I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, did some knitting, and skeined and washed some yarn.

Pictures of socks; now back to trying to write 😀

i,i why did I think size zero needles and laceweight were good ideas again?

i,i why did I think size zero needles and laceweight were good ideas again?