EDC 2013

Okay, so I carry an absurd amount of stuff around.

EDC 2013

Let’s see, starting from the bottom left and heading towards the upper right…

  1. Selection of pens. I’m slowly slowly transferring the pens from disposables to non-disposables. But there’s flashlights, permanent markers, my pretty gel pens, a Platinum Preppy eyedropper and a refillable marker pen, in a plastic bag in case it leaks.
  2. Three separate flash drives. The one in the middle is a Linux Mint boot drive, in case something happens to my computer. The others are largish and are useful for file transfer. I usually keep one encrypted, not that I have anything to hide.
  3. Boston MBTA card. Very important.
  4. MIT towel card. Not sure why I’m still carrying this thing around hah.
  5. Index cards, already halved. I’m dirt cheap. Honestly, most times I use flashcards, I don’t really need an entire flash card, so I usually use half of one.
  6. Wallet and MIT ID.
  7. Spoon. I couldn’t find the knife and chopsticks that go with the spoon, but I usually have all three with me. Means I don’t have to use disposables when I come across free food. Still on the look for a good rubber plate or something; might hit up the army surplus store in Boston.
  8. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm.
  9. Multitools/swiss army knives
  10. Pills! All seven days worth of pills!
  11. The blue thing next to it is for prn pills – in my case, this currently is empty, but will at some point in time (hopefully before winter sets in) be filled with naproxen sodium.
  12. Amazon Kindle. I like reading. Books are awesome.
  13. Price book – just starting this, but that’s the blue Siemens spiral.
  14. The green thing is a cup sleeve, more to keep store-brought coffee from burning my fingers than anything else.
  15. Underneath that is a microfiber cloth to clean my computer/phone screen.
  16. Divacup. Of course. (so much easier than remember to stash a few pads)
  17. The little green tab thing is from Staples; I use them to organize spirals.
  18. Headphones. Of course.
  19. Watch.
  20. Umbrella
  21. Flashlight. Doubles as weapon if needed.
  22. Cell phone. Also known as “my better half”
  23. Laptop. And its charger.
  24. Mouse. Hey, if I’m already carrying a laptop around….
  25. Spare handkerchief (under mouse). I also carry another in my pockets.
  26. 1L bottle, usually water or tea.
  27. Books, a selection of. You know, if I get bored of the ones on my Kindle
  28. Spirals for notetaking.

Tightwad Gazette

….just got the book in the mail. Not quite sure what to think about it, yet, but

  • It’s long. Really long, and honestly, spends too much time defending being a tightwad. Come on, I already get that saving money is a good plan, can we get to the tips?
  • I….feel like this book really does encourage hoarding a bit too much. Not…really a fan of the idea of taking something I’m about to throw away and trying to think up another use for it. I….would rather do the reverse of identifying a need and seeing if anything among my current possessions would work.
  • I’ll admit to skipping quite a few of the tips because they aren’t exactly relevant to someone who’s not a suburban mom.



There are three types of mental illness: the type that can be controlled without medication, the type that can only be controlled with medication, and the type that can’t be controlled at all.

And the only thing you can do is hope you’re in the first category, accept it if you’re in the second, and do your best to survive if you’re in the third.

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Monday Miscellaneous

Oops, I forgot about Monday Miscellaneous last week.

California may legalize marijuana in 2016.

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of Californians support legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana in the state, according to a Tulchin Research poll.


Both proposals — the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative and the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act — would regulate and tax marijuana similar to alcohol.

Now, I’m fairly sure this is fairly meaningless, almost, because it’d still be illegal at the federal level, but I like the tax and regulation bits.

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Fountain Pens

I’m considering getting a fountain pen; what would y’all recommend?

Characteristics I care about:

  1. Fairly fine nib; I currently write with 0.35 mm gel ballpoint pens; I’d like a fountain pen to have a line of similar thickness.
  2. Relatively cheap. I’m looking for less than twenty dollars, thirty max.
  3. Non-cartridge option; I would rather not be locked into buying ink from a specific supplier.
  4. Relatively transportable, as in it won’t get sad if placed in a backpack and carried around.
  5. Holds a reasonable amount of ink. I….would rather not have to refill half-way through each day.

I’m currently mostly looking at the fine-tip converted Platinum Preppy, with probably a Noodler’s bulletproof ink….any opinions?

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