PGP and other things

Yes, I have a 4095 bit key; no I have no clue how I managed that one. It’s a total wonder why people still think I’m competent at things.

Anyways, I now have PGP keys and use the blasted things. For a change, I’m mostly using a GUI interface, and it’s awesome. Check it out: Enigmail. It is, like, absurdly easy. Practically install-and-go.

(In absolutely unrelated, I love abusing hovertext, apparently.  Hover over things with dotted underlines for snark.)

Emacs M-x spook: Power lines Adriatic Infrastructure security Terror Abu Ghraib Plume Becker Belknap doctrine WHO U.S. Consulate Decapitated Trafficking Agent Montenegro


Monday Miscellaneous

Smart pacemakers: Pacemakers that detect motion, O2 levels and other metrics.

Modern pacemakers are externally programmable and allow cardiologists to select the optimal pacing modes for individual patients. The complexity and reliability of modern pacemakers have increased significantly, mainly due to developments in and use of sensing technologies. Therefore, modern pacemakers with sensors are applied not only for pacing but also for other functions such as obtaining diagnostic data and providing continuous cardiac monitoring and long-term trended clinical information.


In rate-responsive pacemakers, some of new physiological parameters are sensed and utilized for diagnosis, such as body vibration or movement, respiratory rate, electrocardiograph (ECG), heart rate, physiological impedance, temperature, and venous oxygen saturation

[Emphasis mine]

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Science Seminars from Harvard

Oooh Harvard is doing some pretty interesting free seminars. I love things like this and wish these types of things could happen more often. Science doesn’t deserve to get locked into an ivory tower.

Most of the topics are pretty popular right now, but someone aren’t, and this is all really cool, guys :D. The topics and their dates are (along with my commentary)

Antibiotic Resistance: Super drugs for superbugs (9/25)

I’m kind of sad this one’s already passed, because antibiotic resistance is pretty damn important.  The CDC on antibiotic resistance.

Earth Formation: The making of planet Earth (10/2)

….I’m a biologist, I have little clue, I’m sorry!

Sparking Scientific Curiosity: (R)evolutions in the way we teach and learn (10/9)

Communicating science is one of the things I think isn’t taught particularly often and is often not emphasized enough, which is kind of why I’m glad Harvard is doing this entire thing after all :D.

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