Knitting Update: Slipper Socks!

Slipper socksWorking on a new pair of socks. These are slipper socks   basically, they don’t cover the top half of my foot. If this goes well, I’ll edit my modifications into this post when I’m done.

Things haven’t been going particularly well or particularly badly for a while now; I seem to have misplaced my energy reserves somewhere, which is kind of expected given how much I was being an (albeit very touchy and annoyed) Energizer Bunny this summer. I should mention that I’m not currently on meds   I know, I know, bipolar sans meds doesn’t work all that well, but it’s a long story that I will tell sometime, and I’m working on getting back on meds.

Also I gave blood recently. Yeah, that tends to drop energy levels like a mofo.

I’m on the border of the shawl I’m working on. It’s taking forever, possibly because it has a metric frickton of ends to weave in. Now I remember why I don’t like colorwork!

I’m vaguely considering starting a blog on the lines of Unfuck Your Habitat but for exercise instead – things like “Pick one of these three (depending on your current fitness level): Walk around the block. Jog half a mile. Run a mile.” and “Do as many pushups as you can. Try to do one more than last time! It’s okay to drop your knees down if you have to.” Not sure if anyone not me would find it useful, though.

I don’t know. Right now, it feels like I’m just stuck going nowhere. *sigh*


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