Yesterday wasn’t the best of days; I slept like ten hours (which for me is a not-good sign) and then felt exhausted for most of the day, as if I hadn’t slept at all, and multiple cups of coffee (and a caffeine pill) didn’t seem to help at all.

I also ran 4.6 miles. Yeah, and had I known it was 4.6 miles, I would have stayed out longer to make it an even 5.0. And then I stayed up for like five more hours, because night runs are way too exhilarating for their own good. Oh well. Guess I wasn’t actually tired after all, just more jerkbrain lies.

Trying to train myself out of saying “I can’t” again; as far as I’m concerned, if my brain can lie about anything, it means I pretty much have to test everything empirically, just in case. And no matter what it says, I’m never too tired to run, apparently.


Running errands :D

I like running errands so much more when I’m physically running from one location to another. Combination workout and errands! Get so much more done in the same amount of time!


Took a personal day on Saturday; ran to Haymarket and back again, and now I have more fruit than I can eat for the next few days. I don’t remember Boston traffic being this bad – the car exhaust gave me a pretty bad headache by the time I got to government center – but otherwise, excellent run, excellent fruit, and I feel better/more stable/more productive than I have for a while.