A Study In Socks: “Commercial Heel”

Recently, I’ve started to try sock heels that aren’t a very traditional flap-and-gusset heel. Now, I have a fairly high instep (and have to adjust flap-and-gusset heels accordingly) so naturally I was pretty skeptical that a short row heel was going to fit at all.

It's almost like I spend a lot of time imitating store-bought socks!

It’s almost like I bought this from a store, but not really

I didn’t particularly want to extend the heel over the top of the sock, because then it’d interfere with the pattern and I’d have to figure out how to make that work. Then I came across this. German short rows, a little more room.

This sock is 80 stitches around. So, short rows in for 10 stitches (on each side). Knit all the way around. Short rows out four stitches (Stitches 10 through 7 counting from the outside of the heel). Short rows in for those four stitches. Knit all the way around. Short rows out for 10 stitches.

And a roomier heel.

Next: Commercial Heel….in contrast yarn.


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