Monday Miscellaneous/It Came From the Search Terms

Computerphile is awesome. Here is how you shouldn’t store passwords. Personally, I’m less than happy with the idea that all sites should just connect to our Facebook/Google accounts, but it’s definitely better than storing passwords in plaintext.

It just feels like every store these days is leaking their credit card tokens, yes? Shaws/Star Market, Target, Albertson’s, Home Depot

Want to be part of a clinical study? Apparently this web page exists…

Defining sexuality and romanticism as an asexual is like trying to describe an invisible elephant.

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This is how I feel these days. Like as if my words aren’t coming to me the way that they should. I misspell things now; I didn’t used to misspell things nearly as much.

I might take a break from this blog. Until I get my words back.

I’m sorry,


Lithium Update

I appear to be one of the lucky group who’s ~side effect free from lithium. I’m on a fairly low does (900mg/day), but the only (only!) things that have been happening have roughly been:

  • If I let myself get dehydrated (shockingly easy, this is better phrased as “If I drink less than 1.5L of water a day”) I will get some combination of: lithium aftertaste, nausea, and mild headache. Not really much of a problem, since drinking water pretty much prevents this.
  • Hunger has been doing weird patterns; I’m either hungry all day, no matter how much (or little) I eat, or not hungry at all (which is my normal state, afaik). I’m doing worse at remembering to eat than I usually do, which isn’t particularly great. Not sure why this is a thing again, though.
  • My memory is ~useless. Go figure. It’s like my brain just gets stuck in places where it shouldn’t. I completely forgot my own phone number today at CVS and nearly told them my phone number was 617-253-…. (ie, an MIT phone number.) Oops. Then had to look my actual phone number up. I’ve been worse at spelling things correctly, worse at thinking, worse at remembering words in general. Slightly scary, actually. Possibly part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging lately; words don’t come to me the way they used too.

And as for how much it’s working…sort of. It takes the edges off, I’d say. Like if I was at 4sin(5t) earlier, I’m around 3sin(t) now. Better, not perfect, but to a point where I can manage the rest. It’s amusing because I’m now back to cycling slowly enough that you can see the cycles in my sleep again – ie they’re longer than a day.

That said, I’m….not really okay with staying on lithium forever; I’m twenty, so fairly young, so I’d rather explore, let’s say, medications that are less toxic to the kidneys long term. Managed to talk pdoc into letting me see if a switch to Lamictal works. Hopefully it does 😀

Lithium and other rants

  1. Apparently the marathon method of doing things I don’t want to do is fairly effective. pdoc appointment quickly followed by buying new bras (hate hate hate hate doing this, I am not a woman, I’m genderqueer arg) followed by picking up the lithium is more effective than having to psych myself up three times to get things done. Despite the long T rides for each of these.
  2. With regard to starting lithium. I’m hoping this goes okay. It better go okay. Please let it go okay with minimal side effects. Please.
  3. With regard to buying bras. Yes. I have small breasts. Yes, I would like compression bras, preferably in a natural material. Arg. Please. None of this nylon/polyester bullshit. Cotton. I would like cotton. And yes, I said compression. Compression, not push up. I know I sound a privileged little wanker for complaining about this stuff, but seriously. Arg.
  4. Why have I never considered knitting on the T before?

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