Knitting Update: Slipper Socks!

Slipper socksWorking on a new pair of socks. These are slipper socks   basically, they don’t cover the top half of my foot. If this goes well, I’ll edit my modifications into this post when I’m done.

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Lithium and other rants

  1. Apparently the marathon method of doing things I don’t want to do is fairly effective. pdoc appointment quickly followed by buying new bras (hate hate hate hate doing this, I am not a woman, I’m genderqueer arg) followed by picking up the lithium is more effective than having to psych myself up three times to get things done. Despite the long T rides for each of these.
  2. With regard to starting lithium. I’m hoping this goes okay. It better go okay. Please let it go okay with minimal side effects. Please.
  3. With regard to buying bras. Yes. I have small breasts. Yes, I would like compression bras, preferably in a natural material. Arg. Please. None of this nylon/polyester bullshit. Cotton. I would like cotton. And yes, I said compression. Compression, not push up. I know I sound a privileged little wanker for complaining about this stuff, but seriously. Arg.
  4. Why have I never considered knitting on the T before?

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