I guess I'm a bit late to this party

Yes, I’m knitting with only two plies of this yarn

So, this is a “technique” I accidentally discovered one time when I forgot to bring my current yarn to the yarn store so I could properly match and accidentally got yarn that was a little too thick for my purposes. Given that it was a cheap acrylic and I wasn’t about to go back to the yarn store (see: thirty minute T ride each way), I was kind of stuck. So I tried seeing what happened if I just…split the yarn, and knit with only two of the plies (out of four).

Result: Thinner yarn. Obviously. But also, interestingly, softer yarn. I think it’s because when I take out two plies, it makes the yarn not as tightly plied. I’m not quite sure.

Projects I’ve used this with:

  • Black Hole Shawl
  • Ombre Ginkgo – where I split the yarns down to 1 ply and re-plied them together in different configurations for the final result….
  • Neuromancer Mobius
  • Soap Thingie and the Divacup cozy were both made from a split-skeined cotton from a Christmas-colored yarn that I got at the local Goodwill. It contained: 1 ply green, 2 plies white, and 1 ply red. I just took the red ply and one of the white plies.
  • And the shawl I just started that’s the picture for this post….Late for the Party.

Issues with this technique:

  • Sometimes, yarn isn’t structural enough to be split-skeined. I’ve not come across a yarn that can’t tolerate being split to two plies, but often yarn dislikes being split to one.
  • If you’re splitting four plies into two, sometimes uneven plying causes the plies to wind around themselves in a way that forces you to cut the yarn.
  • It makes your yarn stash effectively larger since you’re getting twice! the yardage! (assuming 4->2, I’ve done 3->2 +1, recombining the 1 to 2 ply before….that’s really fussy :P) I’m cheating and counting post-split length for that new counter thing I just added, of course. It’s not up to date yet, but it will be eventually…..

2 responses to “Split-skeining

  1. Great tip. I bought a couple of skeins of yarn on sale and I was happy about it until I realized they were too thick and I wasn’t head over heels about the feel. I must try this split skein option.

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