Pretty things….

One of my friends gave me two skeins of this gorgeous silk; I mean, just look at it, doesn’t it just look so beautiful?

Technicolor YarnWell, I think it’s beautiful at least.

This is probably the most variegated yarn I’ve ever worked with; I tend to prefer to work in solid colors, if only because cables, lace, and other strange and complicated patterns look a heck of a lot better in solid yarn.

And let me tell you, variegated yarn is weird if you’re a control freak like me. I’ve had this yarn for a while; it’s tried to be cables, tried to be lace, tried to be plain stockinette, and nothing seemed to make it, well, not look muddy. *sigh*

Try #235 is a simple garter Möbius, and this is working a heck of a lot better than anything else 😛 I’m using a technique I’ve used before in this cowl; basically, one ball of yarn is always purled and the other is always knitted, so the garter ridges spiral outwards from the cast on and the entire thing looks seamless. Basically, this, except for in garter and on a Möbius strip, with a little bit of bandana cowl (worked backwards) thrown in. I find the garter works well in mobius cowls because it can look entirely seamless (sockinette has a front and back side, ribbing would have a 1/2 stitch offset)

Photos of what I have so far….instructions eventually coming; I can’t find a good video tutorial on the cast on I used and I really don’t want to shoot one myself….

And finally, I leave you with a Vihart video, if you want a little more help getting your head around a Möbius strip…


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