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Computerphile is awesome. Here is how you shouldn’t store passwords. Personally, I’m less than happy with the idea that all sites should just connect to our Facebook/Google accounts, but it’s definitely better than storing passwords in plaintext.

It just feels like every store these days is leaking their credit card tokens, yes? Shaws/Star Market, Target, Albertson’s, Home Depot

Want to be part of a clinical study? Apparently this web page exists…

Defining sexuality and romanticism as an asexual is like trying to describe an invisible elephant.

Eventually you assume you are, in fact, different and not just unobservant, and try to construct the image of what an elephant looks like so that you can understand properly. But no one who has one will sit down with you and answer your questions and help you understand, even if you’re really stubborn and you ask a lot of people a lot of questions. You end up having to construct your understanding of the elephant from tiny snippets, little bits of information you can coax out of normal people before they get aggravated and change the subject. And of course everyone emphasizes different parts of what the elephant is, because everyone is different and thinks about things differently, and you have to try to pick at the distortions as best you can.

That’s what it’s like, being asexual and trying to define sexual attraction on its own. Or being aromantic-ish, and trying to define how romance works. I suppose being agender and trying to suss out gender identity is similar, and I bet there’s other parallels to make. The thing is: you don’t have something, and you’re trying to understand how it works, and no one who says they understand will try very hard to teach you what it’s like.

Ebola may strain healthcare resources:

Nurses argue that inadequate preparation could increase the chances of spreading Ebola if hospital staff fail to recognize a patient coming through their doors, or if personnel are not informed about how to properly protect themselves.

At Medstar, the issue of Ebola training came up at the bargaining table during contract negotiations.

“A lot of staff feel they aren’t adequately trained,” said Samios, whose job is to greet patients in the emergency department and do an initial assessment of their condition.

Ebola outbreak: a “Perfect Storm

I think it is what people call a perfect storm: when every individual circumstance is a bit worse than normal and they then combine to create a disaster. And with this epidemic there were many factors that were disadvantageous from the very beginning. Some of the countries involved were just emerging from terrible civil wars, many of their doctors had fled and their healthcare systems had collapsed. In all of Liberia, for example, there were only 51 doctors in 2010, and many of them have since died of Ebola.

Picture: Vitamin b12, one of my favorite vitamins, and I believe the only carbon-cobalt bond in biology.

Vitamin B12

And now, for…


“fountain pen microphone”

I suppose this is another function you can add onto the monteverde tool pen.

“brownie microphones”

Uh, I couldn’t find any, but I found these?

chances of inheriting bipolar disorder”

This study says a whooping 85%.

“which is the nice fountain pen that i should purchase?”

I have no fricken clue, all I own are cheap ones. Check out sbrebrown if you actually want information.

“hello to all my friends and fans in domestic surveillance”

I suppose I should say hello as well….

“do you have to slowly go on lithium”

Hum. I’d honestly go with “Yes”, considering how a) variable blood serum values can be even for a specific dosage and b) how easy it is to accidentally overdose, but this article seems to suggest that as long as someone is well monitored, you can go up with lithium rather quickly.

The literature supports a strong link between rapidly attained high serum levels and positive outcomes. The present study found inconsistent and infrequent measurement of levels, which was not in accord with recommended practice. Frequent monitoring of serum levels to support dosing decisions is important to inform better clinical decision making, especially when a loading strategy is used.

tl;dr Ask your doctor, and get your levels measured.


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