Knitting update – cotton baby blanket

Levi's baby blanket

After a fair bit of time of not knitting, I’m finally picking it up again. This is a baby blanket I started…oh, I don’t know, about a year ago. Because I’m making this for people who probably won’t handwash this, it’s cotton and not wool.

Cotton, of course, is a completely different material than wool. The original pattern called for a seed stitch border, which I swapped out for a four-stitch cable, and the cotton border didn’t want to stay flat, despite the fact that I increased the stitch count by 10% right before the first row.

Oh well. I think I give up šŸ˜›

Oh, and it’s made from unraveled sweater, which is kind of cool, I guess

Ravelry link here:

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Binding off….finally, with a four-stitch cable

ETA: I’m also going to close off the top of the heart cables with this tutorial here.

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