Lab results

….are back

These are the pre-lithium labs, and I’m confused/not particularly happy about several of the numbers, but whatever.

First, creatinine: .89 mg/dL for a fairly small two-X chromosome person feels….slightly high… me. Not technically considered abnormal yet (the normal range is 0.50-1.10) but when you take into account that I don’t weigh very much and have not that much muscle, well….

I have to admit I’m worried. This is a number I want to watch. This is, I don’t know, not grounds to actually see what an inulin test would say, but enough for me to raise an eyebrow and check this number again.

TSH, TSH seems to be reasonable for me. (It’s actually better than I though it would be, which is reassuring). 1.48 mIU/L

I had a hunch about vitamin D, so I asked for a vitamin D test, and, well, they’re actually slightly low. Hum. I’m slightly confused by this, actually. I’m not sure why my vitamin D levels are low (sunlight? kidneys? liver?), but, *sigh*. Would like to get to the bottom of this, probably can’t, probably should just drop $20 on some D3 supplements.

……actual blogging content to come eventually, I promise.


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